Is it possible to wear a hairpiece after your hair transplant as you heal to disguise the effects of the surgery? If so, is it better to use clips or tape?

Yes, it is possible to wear a hairpiece following hair transplantation surgery to help camouflage the effects of the surgery until all wound healing has occurred.

It is generally recommended that the patient wait at least a few days before putting the hair system or hairpiece on to allow adequate exposure of the wounds to air to allow proper healing to occur.

It is also recommended that if a patient is going to wear a hairpiece or hair system after hair transplantation surgery that they only wear it for a few hours per day if possible and take it off at the first possible chance.

It is better to use clips versus tape after hair transplantation surgery because it is less likely that a clip will attach itself to a graft and/or damage any of the grafts that were placed during the surgery. We do recommend the patient do have the clips rotated on a frequent basis as to not cause permanent hair loss in the areas where the clip is applied.

Posted by: Dr. Charles