Is there a time of the year when it is better to get a hair transplant? Would recovering in the summer be uncomfortable because of the heat or maybe the cold of the winter would be good for transplanted hairs?

There is no specific time of the year when hair transplantation works better. We have success during all seasons including fall, winter, spring and summer.

It is a general rule that people’s hair may grow a little bit quicker during the heat of the summer months. However, in hair transplantation surgery, the results take three to four months before they even begin to show any signs of hair growth.

With that being said, it really does not have much of a bearing on the results as to when the procedure was performed pertaining to what time of the year.

We have relatively equal success throughout the year and there really is no specific time of the year that is better than another to receive a hair transplantation procedure.

Posted by: Dr. Charles