How many laser light or LLLT treatments are needed to be effective in stopping hair loss?

Currently there is no exact protocol that can determine how many treatments will be necessary to slow down the hair loss pattern associated with androgenetic alopecia and/or male pattern baldness or female genetic hair loss and/or female pattern baldness.

We do recommend that the laser treatments start with three treatments a week, each treatment of approximately 20 to 30 minutes with three treatments a week for the first month. For the second and third months, we recommend two treatments per week, again both at 20 to 30 minutes and every month. Thereafter as maintenance treatments we recommend once a week for the same 20 to 30 minutes.

We do not guarantee any specific results with the laser. I think the laser has some benefit in improving the quality of the current and existing hair as well as the skin and scalp conditions present prior to treatments.

In some cases, we have found that it slows down hair loss and also in a few cases we have found the patient actually appeared to grow more hair. Most likely what has happened is the laser has strengthened the weak and existing hair making it look fuller and healthier as well as woke up some sleeping hair follicles in the dormant cycle, again making it appear as if there was more hair.

There are no guarantees, however, with laser light therapy and it is only a tool that we utilize in conjunction with several other modalities of hair restoration.

Posted by: Dr. Charles