My hair loss is roughly a IV on the Norwood Scale and I would love some type of hair transplant but three months ago I got into an accident and I have a scar on my bald patch. Is it possible to get a hair transplant in this area and is it too soon to get one now?

It is not a problem doing a hair transplant in a bald area that also has a scar. We can actually transplant hairs into the scar; however, anytime a transplant procedure is performed, the grafts that are placed within the actual scar itself are a little bit less predictable and may not grow with the same success rate as hair transplants do in the non-scarred area.

We do recommend at least six months following the accident to allow proper healing of the wound to determine what type of scar will actually be remaining before we recommend transplanting hair grafts into the scar.

Posted by: Dr. Charles