My hair transplant was almost two months ago and though I originally experienced very little pain, I am now experiencing some pain, more like pressure in my head. What can be done and should I be concerned?

Any time a patient has pain several weeks after a hair transplantation procedure I recommend that they contact their physician who did the procedure and explain what is occurring.

It is possible for patients to have some delayed pain or pressure in the donor region several weeks after the procedure. Often these pains do occur intermittently, more in an on and off fashion. Extra Strength Tylenol or pain medications that were given to the patient from the physician for use after the procedure could be used to help keep the pain at a controllable level.

If, however, at any point the patient feels the pain is getting worse or they are getting pain they never had prior to the procedure, I strongly recommend the first option would be to immediately contact the physician who performed the procedure.

Posted by: Dr. Charles