What can I do after my hair transplant to help the scar heal well and minimize its appearance?

The patient should follow the physician’s post-operative instructions very strictly to ensure proper healing of the donor area initially.

Once the sutures or staples have been removed, the patient is given instructions on some topical products such as vitamin E or ScarDerma to apply to the actual donor scar area to help limit the formation and appearance of the scar.

The patient should keep in mind that scarring in the donor area takes several months to determine what will be left as a result of the surgical procedure.

There are things, including flexion of the neck or the patient attempting to touch their chin to their chest, which can put an increase in tension in the donor area and can lead to a wider scar.

It is strongly recommended the patient limit their neck movement, especially in the flexion position or chin to chest position, to limit the amount of scarring to the donor area following hair transplantation.

Posted by: Dr. Charles