What complications do you see most often with your hair transplant procedures and how do you treat them?

There are very few complications associated with hair transplantation procedures. This is even more true now than in years past.

The few complications we do see following a hair restoration procedure I would consider more of a side effect than a complication.

We do see periodically that approximately 5% of the procedures will have some post-operative swelling. We use an anti-inflammatory and/or ice to alleviate that situation.

There is some post-operative erythema (redness), and this really is only alleviated with time as the skin returns to its normal pigmentation.

There is the possibility of a post-operative infection, which is very rare and is generally treated with antibiotics. The reason why infection is so rare with hair transplantation procedures is that in most cases antibiotics are used pre-operatively and intra-operatively, which significantly reduces the incidence of post-operative infection.

Posted by: Dr. Charles