Can you explain what a trichophytic closure is?

A trichophytic closure is a specific type of donor site closure that is used during hair restoration surgery.

The trichophytic closure is performed after a typical donor strip has been removed from the donor region of the patient. Prior to suturing of the wound, an additional ledge or small edge of the lower margin of the wound is trimmed from the lower margin. At this time, the suturing is performed using either a single or double layer closer done in an attempt to have the upper edge slightly overlap the lower edge.

The main objective of a trichophytic closure is to attempt to have the hair follicles regrowing through the actual scar itself. When a successful trichophytic closure is performed and the hair is growing through the scar, this will help to camouflage the scar and make it less noticeable.

There are some potential disadvantages of using a trichophytic closure. There is a high incidence of cyst formation and ingrown hairs and often when hairs do grow through the scar they are in an improper direction, either angling too much superiorly or too much inferiorly. This, therefore, can give the appearance in the scarred area that the patient has been wearing a hat as there is actually a little crease there in the hair.

Posted by: Dr. Charles