When do you recommend hair transplants? Obviously there has to be some head hair to donate the hair follicles but I am thinking about the other end of the spectrum. There is still plenty of hair on my head. My hairline is just starting to recede and I rather it not. Can I come in for a transplant at this time or do you recommend low-level laser therapy or medication instead?

Depending upon the patient’s age and situation really is what determines when they would be a good candidate for a hair transplantation procedure versus the non-invasive low-level laser therapy and/or medical treatments for hair restoration.

If a patient is requesting a conservative strengthening of the hairline, even at a young age, this may not be an unreasonable plan. However, most physicians who are considering doing hair transplantation or any procedure would at least discuss the other non-surgical options which include low-level laser therapy, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments and/or medications such as Propecia (generic finasteride) to slow down the progression of the hair loss.

Often a combination of treatments are recommended by the hair transplantation physician. In many cases, where a hair transplantation is being considered, it is also recommended at the same time that the patient attempt to use some other non-surgical modalities in hair loss prevention to see if their situation can be controlled in an attempt to not have any additional hair restoration transplant procedures.

Posted by: Dr. Charles