“The DCE”

I had 3 prior hair transplant surgeries over the recent years and I believe they were done pretty well. Had hair growth but nothing too overwhelming. The plugs were large and consequently came with large scabbing with slowing healing. The clinical experience seemed fair as well.

I am very optimistic my nature and always see the glass “half full” so really I have no real complaints regarding all prior surgeries. However, now that I have had the “DCE” effect recently on 3-20-12, I will never be the same. Lets keep it simple, the effect is as follows:

  • Very organized planning before your day of surgery
  • A Medical office (of many) is in Fort Lauderdale = sunshine baby!!!!
  • Extremely pleasurable staffing that greets you the day of the surgery.
  • Surgery is done very professionally! The docs is very informative, the best in the business, gives you all the best “optimal” options, based on interests and budgets.
  • The process is awesome. You watch a film during the whole process, other than the initial pinch of the pain medication injection, the process in pretty painless. Instead of being understaffed, he has so much help that everything is done timely which is very important when talking to the integrity of hair graphs.
  • The uniqueness of his staff is, even with 5-9+ people working the process, they are in complete and utter symphony – meaning they are a very VERY experienced STAFF.
  • The true satisfaction: The graphs are positioned and placed with such meticulous detail, you cannot believe you cannot see much scabbing or insertion of the graphs. If you have a point of reference with prior surgeries (as I do), you’ll be blow away as to the difference.
  • The scar from the donor area. “What scar? What donor area? Did he even go back there? Of course he did…. but his ability to stitch it back up, the way he does it…virtually detection less…is the most amazing thing..
  • And he’s Dr. with humor and personality…..

I could go on for days….but lets cut to the chase…what is “The DCE”.. that would be “The Dr. Charles Experience” w/ the Charles Medical Group in Boca Raton Florida…

Almost done…..what about cost…..lets put it this ways…the “The DCE” effect never ends….best pricing in the business… If that wasn’t enough, the Doc asked me to call him when I landed at the airport back from surgery that day- regardless if it was past midnight…so a doctor that really cares about you!!!!!

I couldn’t possible say anything else except the negatives: Where the hell was he 4 years ago when I started the surgeries??????”