I would like to first and foremost thank Dr. Charles for a great experience with my hair transplant & encourage anyone thinking about this procedure to go forth with it. I am 37 years old & for the past couple of years i’ve been slowly losing my hair & concerned my receding hair line was only getting worse. It was about 6-months ago when I met a friend for lunch & he explained the procedure Dr. Charles & his team performed on him in Boca Raton My friend had done extensive research & said he was the best Doctor to go with if i was thinking about it. I was a little surprised how well he looked since he had just had the procedure 2-weeks before – you couldn’t tell anything was done. A few month later I called for a consultation. I was able to quickly get an appointment, after meeting Dr. Charles & his staff & after feeling comfortable did some more research on my own. I decided Dr. Charles was the Doctor to go with. Less then 2-weeks later i found myself sitting down for the 4-hour procedure.

I truly had very little reservations because of how seamless my friend’s procedure was, the research I had done, & the confidence Dr. Charles had instilled in me. I had 1600 grafts implanted into my receding hairline. Besides 5 minutes of a little pain, I would describe it as a strong pinch, I was pain-free the next few hours. In all the procedure was less than 4.5 hours. I couldn’t believe within 5 minutes of sitting in the operating chair I was watching a movie on Netflix – the worst part of the procedure may have been the boredom of waiting for each graft to go in.

Dr. Charles and his staff were great throughout the entire experience – From the initial consultation, to the day of the procedure his entire team was dedicated to me. On the day of the procedure he and his team walked me through step-by-step what would take place & were very thorough The hardest part may have been the first night’s sleep – I was in a little pain (which i was told i would be in) & received a phone call from Dr. Charles that night checking up on me. I told him and he reassured me that the pain was normal & to follow the post-op steps and it would go away. All-in-all I would say I was in a little pain for the first couple days following – Sleeping on the back of my head was a little tough & making sure i cleaned the area correctly was a little stressful, but that was it. There were no surprises, everything went exactly as they said, & again I would recommend Dr. Charles to anyone looking to have the surgery.