I had an excellent experience with Dr. Charles and his team at Charles Medical Group. I learned about Dr. Charles through a referral. Dr. Charles was very knowledgable, which I expected given his many years of experience and track record of results. But one quality that really stood out, and is difficult to predict with doctors, is his care towards patients and their individual needs.

Dr. Charles went above and beyond to assure that I was comfortable with the approach for my treatment and satisfied with the outcome. He addressed each and every one of my questions, concerns, or hesitations. Similarly, his Patient Coordinator, Alexia, fielded several of my calls to answer questions and communicated very effectively throughout the process.

The entire team at Charles Medical Group was tremendous – in particular, the technicians: Jenny, Hailey, and Robert. Besides being an experienced and talented group, they were all very comforting and attentive. Overall, I was very happy with Dr. Charles and look forward to seeing results. I would absolutely recommend Charles Medical Group to anyone interested in hair restoration treatment.