Over the last 25 years I’ve had 4 transplants, all done down here in South Florida. The last (Sept 4, 2018 for 1725 grafts) with Dr Glenn Charles in Boca Raton was the absolute best. His staff, facilities, and the entire procedure were truly remarkable. And while not my main criteria, his prices were 1/2 of other MDs I had seen (and unlike other MDs Dr Charles does not charge for your initial consult).
In the past, the procedures (for less grafts) were painful and left me looking like I had been hit by a truck with black eyes and a swollen face (was afraid to go back to work looking so banged up). But this time, had the procedure on Tuesday, met my friends for our Thursday night card game and no one noticed (and we’re the kind of guys who never miss a chance to harass one another). TWO DAYS AFTER THE PROCEDURE!
Met friends Friday night for dinner and they didn’t notice. Had dinner with the extended family Monday night (1 week after the procedure) and they didn’t notice.
Just stopped by earlier today to get the stitches out and that took all of 5 minutes.
Dr Charles, and his entire staff, were caring and professional while also being genuine, down to earth, and (as odd as this might sound) fun to be with.
He’s at the top of his game in every criteria you would look for in a hair transplant surgeon.