Hi Alexia,

Thanks for following up with me.

Like you said, this is the hard part….waiting for the results.

I’ve been using toppik which has helped me conceal evidence of the surgery. I still have some pinkness on the recipient area.

As far as the procedure itself, though not an overall pleasant experience, I could not of asked for more from the Doctor and the staff.

Everyone did their best to help ensure I was as comfortable as possible, that meant a lot to me.

I also appreciated you checking in with me during the procedure and the doctor calling me the night of to ask how I was doing.

Anxious to see the results but up to this point I don’t think I could of asked for more from yourself, Dr. Charles and the entire staff.

The front office staff was very accommodating for my prescription requests and was patient in answering a ton of my questions.

The transplant team did an amazing job explaining the process and ensuring my comfort.

You and Dr. Charles set realistic expectations and my final bill was exactly as you quoted….no surprises.

Every single person on staff was both kind and professional.

Results aside, which I’m optimistic about…I could not of asked for more from CMG.

Thanks again,