Overall experience was great, great staff, comforting, and everyone went out of their way to explain what was going on, what was happening. I have no suggestions to improve the experience, like I said it was a great experience and I’d recommend the office to anyone thinking of getting the procedure done.

Results vary. I was thinning a lot in the front and had lost a large area in the back. I can say I do have a hair line in the front now, thin as was explained to me it would be. The back, is hit or miss it seems. It appears most the hair in the back did not stay as there is little coverage on the back, but that was also explained to be the thinner of the areas due to the number of graphs I did.

I can say that now I am using considerably less Topik to cover the thin and bald spots. Even on the back the hair that was graphed is making a massive difference. I’m finding the hair in back is lighters so I just don’t see it by the topik does have something to latch onto.

Extremely pleased with the results, its exactly as Dr. Charles said, there is no visible scaring, I’m extremely pleased with everything.

Thank you all again