2000 strip Dr G.Charles

In April/May 2012 I had strip h/t with Dr Charles for 2000 ‘units’. For about 2 years prior I had spells of looking into h/t and all that goes with it as my receding hairline had been a problem for many years for me (28 at time of procedure). For me it was about balancing cost and getting the job done correctly. Living in the uk it became apparent that i was going to have to travel for a decent Dr (& price!). After reading many reviews, checking prices and locations of surgery’s i decided boca raton in florida with Dr Charles was the easiest choice to make. £500 for flight, £200 for accommodation for 5 days and £3k for procedure (bt i can’t honestly say i remember exact amount). Hardest part was trying not to smoke before and after for a week (i failed). I have always lived my life by asking ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’ and I couldn’t find enough reasons not to get it done. The surgery was a bit difficult to find but not terrible. The staff and Dr Charles were really nice an friendly (wouldn’t get that in England). 4/5 hours later I was done and on way back to hotel wearing a bandana He’d given me as I hadn’t bought suitable hat :/. I always followed the instructions for tablets, washing etc as closely as possible and few days later after incredible crappy weather i was back home. A year on now Im glad i had it done and he did an excellent job with with the scar at back of head. It will notice for 1st 4 months ish after h/t so if you don’t want people knowing then a hat it is. only after 6 months did i feel confident with it. 1 year on and iv found the cut/style I can look good in, the pictures 1 year post op dont do how it actually looks justice. Maureen he’s ‘ secretary’ very good with any problems, although Dr Charles only get back 50% of the time. I was recommended 1800-2500 grafts, go for the the highest recommended I know it’s a big thing for most people so any questions from people, especially uk are no problem. Thanks Dr Charles and he’s team. I was on finasteride but stopped due to side effects, replaced with minoxodil foam, 4months on no sides and hair still gd.