Well, I did the strip method, as suggested by him. The procedure went exactly as planned and I was out in about 6 hrs. The only pain I felt was the anesthesia, there were about 20 injections, about 10-15 along the back and 3-5 in the top of my scalp. After that, the procedure is painless, in fact, I fell asleep at least once. Afterwards, I followed the directions his office emailed to me and everything went according to plan. Nine days later, I returned to have the stitches removed. Afterwards, I met with dr. Charles and he took a look at the incision area, he said everything looked great and I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Also, there was no charge for the suture removal or post consultation. It has now been three weeks and I have experienced no negative side effects. The only thing I’m still experiencing is the suture area is still a little sore, but nothing I can’t handle. Now, the hair is beginning to drop off the hairs that were transplanted, as described in the paperwork provided by Dr. Charles. Once they are finished falling off the wait begins for the new hair to regrow. Funny thing is, three or four of my coworkers told me that they couldn’t even tell I had a procedure, as in, no large visible scarring. In fact they all said the same thing: “Whoever did your procedure knew what they were doing.” I guess my advice to you would be to follow the directions as to what to do prior to your procedure. If you do, you won’t have any problems.