“I wasn’t satisfied with the fullness of my beard so I opted for a facial hair transplant in late 2010. Even thought the end result was okay, I spent six to eight weeks (immediately after the procedure) recovering from a mild infection and chronic inflammation of the transplant area.

So…when I decided to go for a second round of transplants I did my research and spent some time picking the right specialist for the job. In late January of this year, I went to Dr. Glenn Charles for an additional 1,990 grafts to my beard. Not only did he personally answer all of my questions leading up to the procedure, his staff was also very professional and friendly.

Well, it’s a month or so after the second procedure with Dr. Charles and I can’t say enough about how well things turned out. The visit to his office in Boca Raton (traveling from Pittsburgh) was a pleasure. Again, his staff was professional and very friendly. Dr. Charles walked me through each step of the transplant process, answering my questions as he worked and providing excellent care. Nobody likes to have a medical procedure, even when its cosmetic, but Dr. Charles and his staff made me feel comfortable and well taken care of.

I highly recommend Dr. Charles and his staff of gifted professionals. I’ll be sure comment on the final result of the transplant later this year when the new hairs start to grow back. I have no doubt I’d go back to him again, if I ever decided to do more grafts.”

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