So my experience with Charles Medical Group was nothing short of magical. It started with a very pleasant receptionist that attended me when I first made my appointment (nice receptionists aren’t anything unique but it is something noteworthy). I personally made a hour+ drive for this place because of the free consultation they provided (I believed it was well worth the drive after extensively looking into Dr.Charles’ surgical history). Once I arrived, the establishment was extremely clean, roomy and I was attended immediately during normal office hours. I spoke with Dr.Charles’ assistant to first reiterate my intentions and plans with my hair and to find out what I have tried before (Normal stuff but I felt reassured that they were taking these foundation building steps). Finally once I was in the same room with Dr.Charles, we both spoke extensively about what I want from a hair transplant and everything else to with the procedure. We spoke about the Pros&Cons of both procedures without any bias into either procedure, we spoke about help I could receive NOW to help keep/grow any hair between now and the procedure date, we ended up speaking about anything that came to mind. In doing all of this, Dr.Charles and his assistants cleared any doubt and concern about the procedure. Doubt and concerning feeling I carried with me for a long time. I couldn’t have asked for a better consultation.

*Other noteworthy remarks*
-The consultation was 100% free, Dr.Charles and his employees did not gain anything from my visit. (Aside from this review i guess)
-I am writing this review a few days after my consultation date because I needed time to collect my thoughts and fact check the information told to me. (everything they told me was 100% correct)
-I still feel like I made the right decision going to Dr.Charles office that day.