Dr. Charles Review

I owe this man SO much. He restored my sanity, peace of mind, and self-confidence.

By 25, my hair was so thin in the front that I honestly thought my days of being physically attractive were behind me. I was single, and I really thought I was going to die alone because I would never be able to win a girl over with my personality lol.

Dr. Charles gave me an estimate over Skype. It wasn’t the cheapest I found, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Dr. Charles is the best in the business. My hair felt like one of those things. I signed up for (I believe) it was 8,000 follicles using the ARTAS machine. I flew all the way down from Alabama, and Dr. Charles’ staff helped me coordinate everything.

Dr. Charles shaved my head before surgery and used an eyeliner pen to mark the semi circle he would be filling. He said his strategy was to focus on the front 3rd of my crown because that was most visible to people.

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