Good morning to you ALL!

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience at Charles Medical Group!

I must admit, I’m so excited about the future of my hairline returning, I just don’t know what to do!

Saturday, September 12, 2015, I got my sutures taken out at (NAME OF CLINIC REDACTED) took my stiches out and he was truly amazed…so much so, that another doctor came in to see how well you stitched it together. Hell, I told them they should be paying me since they were dissecting his (Dr. Charles) work…lol. These doctors found it so amazing at how well I have healed in just a week…all I kept hearing was WOW, that’s neat, look at how he ran the stitch from ear to ear…I felt honored to have other doctors say how they have never seen work so defined as they did on my head. I gave out Dr. Charles name and information so tell him look out, here comes some more customers from my area. Dr. (NAME REDACTED) said he has to let his wife know about it because she’s thinning on top and this could benefit her as well.

Once again, I’m doing well….very, very excited about the future…I will keep you posted on my upcoming hair growth. Right now, I’m still pretty much scabbed up around my forehead.. a little of the scabs has fallen off near my temples. Around the first week in March (6 months anniversary) I will see some real results and I will be taking pictures to show you along the way to a full hairline. Speaking of pictures…may I have my before and after the surgery photo’s via email at my XXXXX email address. I just got promoted so please do not respond to my work email address for it will be changing very soon.

PS: Inform Dr. Charles, I still want to be a model for his work. I informed you Vanessa and other staff members I don’t mind assisting others and informing them of the process….so my success will always be your success as well…..

Continue to be bless and keep up the good work!