“Hi Dr. Charles,

I have a new girlfriend. That doesn’t seem like a big deal except that she’s the third since last October. Before my hair restoration, most women wouldn’t even look at me ( well, most women who were attractive.) Since having the restoration, it’s like it was for me twenty or thirty years ago, even better. It seems that in most instances women prefer men who are older, that is if they are men with hair on their heads!! Believe it or not, it’s true. I met Ms. “A” last October on a blind date from an internet dating site. That alone was an accomplishment because most women wouldn’t even agree to meet me after looking at my pictures with a bald head. We hit it off right away, but there were some family difficulties to begin with which may not have been a problem except for Ms. “B”, a former student of mine ( my own age group), who took advantage of the situation and was able to nudge me away from Ms. “A” into her own court. It lasted with Ms. “B” until the beginning of July. I went back online, and almost immediately hooked up with Ms. “C”, who found me first! We went out on our first date last week, and the second last night, and I can safely say that if there isn’t a commitment yet, there will be one very shortly. The point is if I didn’t have your procedure done, this all would have been nothing more than a wet dream, instead of reality. It really did change my life! All the best.”