I’m 46 and balding pretty bad. The shedding has been severe the past few years mostly due to stress and bad diet. I promised myself as soon as my business turned around I was going to invest in myself. Fortunately my business took off and I was on my way to a few upgrades.

I first had buccal fat removed to thin out my chipmunk face mostly due to steroids I used when I was younger. I was extremely happy with Dr. Will (Will Surgical Arts in MD).

I then had a Vampire Facelift using PRP and micro needling at the BioStation in Delray Beach Fla. This procedure smooths the skin out and helps reduce wrinkles. I was very happy with the results and plan to return there in February for another procedure.

In Nov 2015 I had an insane month in sales and decided to treat myself to a transplant. My brother in law had the strip done with good results but I didn’t want the scar on the back of my head. I know I know you can’t see it.

I have lived in the Washington DC area and have many friends in the medical realm. I was referred to a couple different doctors whom I had consultations with. One flat out did not use FUE and the other left me feeling like he was not passionate about his work. Both places had a friendly staff but a fake friendly.

I started reading in the forums about various doctors and ran across Dr Glenn Charles. Most reviews were positive with a couple negatives. One thing I know is you can’t please some people no matter what you do. I decided to probe a little more and give the Charles Medical Group a call. I spoke with Alexia whom went over the process and pricing. She said she could schedule a quick FaceTime session with Dr Charles which I agreed to. Within a few hours Dr Charles was looking at my head and going over my expectations. He seemed to have a genuine interest in his work. He kept my expectations realistic. I was not leaving the procedure looking like Fabio. He answered all my questions with confidence and left me feeling like I would be in good hands.

It really didn’t take me to long to pull the trigger and schedule my procedure. Within a couple weeks I was on a plane to get my first transplant. The day prior to the treatment I stopped by the office to pick up prescriptions and go over do’s and don’ts. One of which was not to drink the night before. Well I didn’t listen and had 3 glasses of wine that night thinking 3 glasses isn’t much. This would haunt me to some degree.

The day of the procedure I walked in and was greeted by a friendly staff. The all seemed very happy and fun. This is huge! As a business owner I can walk into a place and tell just by the vibe I get from employees what kind of management they are under. You can tell Dr Charles treated his team like family. Meaning he cared for them and was not about making money and the bottom line…..

Next, Dr. Charles talked with me in detail about the process. We sat in front of a mirror with a marker and drew in my new hairline. He asked me where would I like my hair line. I pointed to the upper part of my forehead and he quickly said Alan you’re not 18 so lets be realistic. It wouldn’t look natural having a hairline there. We want it to be as natural as possible. I said I trusted his judgement and to draw it as he felt would look best.

Next we went in another room and took before pics after they shaved my head. It felt weird having no hair at all. Dr. Charles then numbed my head and began making the tiny incisions for where the grafts will go. This is where his skill comes to play. This process took about 40 minutes then I was moved to the Artas room where he setup the machine to perform the extractions. This part took a few hours and I needed to have numbing injections more often then they were use to giving and this was probably from my drinking wine the night before as it was wearing off quickly. Now I will say the doctor was not there the whole time nor did he need to be, his staff was there to perform the tedious task of removing all 1900 grafts from the Artas and preparing them for transplant. The Artas is programed to remove the grafts so there really isn’t much here for the doctor to do. I saw a negative post stating they were upset the doctor was not there throughout the whole procedure which I think is absurd.

Next we went into another room where all the grafts were placed where all the incisions were made. This again is where my drinking hurt me and Dr Charles. My blood was thin and they had to stop often to wipe of the blood which made the whole process take much longer than it should have. After a couple hours of having my hairs relocated they took after shots and made it very clear of things I could and could not do. I listened this time!

That night I slept fairly upright trying no to bother my new hairs. The next day I went back to the office to have Jessica wash my hair.

My experience there was fantastic. You could tell the team was like a big family. The positive energy and laughter made the experience almost fun less the pain. lol

I’m super busy with very little spare time but felt compelled to write about my positive experience with Dr Charles and his team. I would certainly recommend him and plan to go back next year for a second round seeing I will need at minimum 4,000 grafts.

I did suffer from hair shock but not concerned since my brother in-law suffered from it too and now has full head of hair 7 moths later. I created a program listed below to help maintain and hopefully grow thicker hair. I will add new pics every month or so to show my progress.

Saw Palmetto 1,500mg daily
Ashagonda 500mg daily Helps lower Cortisol Levels
Rhodiola 500mg daily Helps lower Cortisol Levels
Biotin 5,000mg daily
Pumpkin Seed Oil 1,000mg daily
B5 50mg daily May already be in your multivitamin
Zinc 20mg daily may already be in your multivitamin
Omega 3 2,000mg daily
L-Cysteine 60mg daily Do not use Acetyl Cysteine

Laser helmet couple times a week.