I chose Dr. Charles in part because he fulfills all of these criteria and then some. The guy was president of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He publishes research articles (though I haven’t read them). His photos are all standardized. He is all over these forums posting results and actively engaging members of this community and others. He responds to patients even when they have a suboptimal result. He takes on complex repair cases and in my opinion has pretty decent results. He is fair and conservative in his promises. I am a physician and can tell you that this guy is a true doctor as the profession was meant to be. He calls patients and keeps them totally informed. It isn’t a job to him, it is part of who he is. He must love what he does. He could have made plenty of money being a radiologist (with a better lifestyle), but chose this instead. I don’t really care if my provider has a stunning personality (Dr. Charles seems thoughtful, compassionate, kind. I wouldn’t be surprised if some might think he has a stunning personality.) I was impressed by his professionalism. My experience with his clinic was great. Pleasant staff, minimal pain, speedy procedure.