Having received an FUE hair procedure in the past and not being so happy with my results, I was not fond at first to go back into the FUE route for a MUCH NEEDED second procedure. I am saying this with complete anger as I have already wasted thousands of dollars with hair “specialist” Dr. B, a hair and cosmetic doctor who operates in Boca Raton. This man is here to do nothing but rob you of your money until you get the “perfect” result. This “perfect” result was not at all the case. In fact, when I wasn’t getting the result I wanted, I was simply persuaded into spending more and more money on his hair restoration products. All of which was nonsense, and while I don’t wish to get into the specifics, I decided it was time to go elsewhere to fix up my frontal areas, specifically my hairline. After looking into other hair restoration doctors in the area, I came across Dr. Glenn Charles and decided to set up a consultation. From the second I sat down with him, I noticed how much of a pleasure this man is to be around. This honestly amazed me as I was very much used to the previous Dr. B who is perhaps the most egotistic person I have ever met (and believe me after living in South Florida for the past five years, I have met plenty). We then discussed what parts of my head needed to be worked on and quickly set up a procedure date. The procedure went FLAWLESS, with minimal pain. It only took a couple of hours as I watched Netflix and spoke to Dr. Charle’s friendly staff members during the procedure. Before I knew it the procedure was finished and my head looked as good as can be. It has now been a couple of days since the procedure and so far nothing but smooth sailing. My head is recovering extraordinarily fast, much faster than my previous procedure. I have had zero issues with even a single graph falling out and I was free to go around town easily the day after the procedure. I just preferred to wear a cap so there wouldn’t be any funny looks. I am honestly just so excited to find out what the future has to hold for my beautiful looking hairline in the making and couldn’t be happier having gone with Dr. Charles. He is the man!