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New hair to still be hibernating five months after the surgery

Question:Is it normal for the new hair to still be hibernating five months after the surgery? Answer:The hairs that were transplanted from the donor site to the recipient area generally fall out within the first one to four weeks. It generally takes between 90 and 150 days for those hair follicles to go through their […]

Is FUE is the best approach in hair transplantation

Question:There are many who think that FUE is the best approach when it comes to hair transplantation. Do you think this is true and is it true for all patients? Answer:Actually, we use only one of several different techniques for hair transplantation surgery. Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is a procedure where individual follicular units are […]

Norwood Scale for Hair Loss

Question:Please explain the Norwood Scale for Hair Loss? Answer:The Norwood Scale was named after a Dr. Norwood and was created many, many years ago. He was one of the first doctors who tried to create a common vocabulary or nomenclature for describing male pattern hair loss. It was called the Norwood Scale and described the […]

What is average range per graft for FUE procedures

Question:I know pricing can vary dramatically but what would you say is an average range per graft for FUE procedures? Answer:I do agree that pricing does vary significantly between procedures and I think a general rule is that Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) grafts cost somewhere between $6 and $9 per graft, depending on the size […]

I have some cobblestoning from a prior hair transplantation

Question:I have some cobblestoning from a prior hair transplantation procedure. Can FUE be used to fix this? Answer:Cobblestoning is a result of an older type surgery that was done usually more then 10 years ago and resulted in a very un-levelness of the skin in the recipient area. It is due to much larger grafting […]

What is a trichophytic closure

Question:Can you explain what a trichophytic closure is? Answer:A trichophytic closure is a specific type of donor site closure that is used during hair restoration surgery. The trichophytic closure is performed after a typical donor strip has been removed from the donor region of the patient. Prior to suturing of the wound, an additional ledge […]

Hair transplantation in African Americans different than in Caucasians

Question:Is hair transplantation in African Americans different than in Caucasians? Are there any special considerations or concerns with African American patients? Answer:Yes. The hair transplantation procedure is different for the African American patient compared to the Caucasian patient. The main difference occurs in the process of dissecting the donor strip into the individual grafts. In […]

Difference between FUE and the strip method

Question:What is the difference between FUE and the strip method used in hair transplants? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Answer:The main difference between strip and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) methods for hair transplantation procedures is the way the donor hair is retrieved from the donor area. With a strip procedure, a strip is taken […]

How much blood is removed to create PRP

Question:How much blood is removed to create PRP? Answer:When drawing blood for a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedure, generally we remove 60 cc of blood, drawn dorsally from the antecubital area. The antecubital area is the area on the inside of the elbow on the middle of the arm. This is a one time blood draw […]

Hair transplant differences for women than for men

Question:How is a hair transplant different for women than for men? Answer:The actual procedures that are performed, either follicular unit grafting (FUG) or Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) for hair restoration in both in men and women are performed in the same manner. The work-up necessary to determine if the patient is a candidate for hair […]

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