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Why are the results of hair transplantation permanent

Question:Why are the results of hair transplantation permanent? Why isn’t the transplanted hair prone to thinning or balding as it is you own hair? Answer:The reason why hair transplantation is for the most part permanent is that in the patient who is genetically susceptible to male pattern baldness and/or genetic alopecia the hair follicles in […]

Reasons women experience hair loss

Question:Many men seem to experience hair loss due mainly to hereditary reasons. What are some of the reasons women experience hair loss? Answer:Women can experience hair loss genetically and this is relatively common, much more common than the general public realizes. Women also tend to experience hair loss more commonly than men due to hormone […]

LLLT treatments needed to stop hair loss

Question:How many laser light or LLLT treatments are needed to be effective in stopping hair loss? Answer:Currently there is no exact protocol that can determine how many treatments will be necessary to slow down the hair loss pattern associated with androgenetic alopecia and/or male pattern baldness or female genetic hair loss and/or female pattern baldness. […]

How improved is healing associated with PRP

Question:How significantly faster or improved is healing associated with PRP? Answer:Since platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is relatively new and has only been used in hair transplantation for less then one year at this time, we are unsure exactly how much faster and/or improved the wound healing is associated with the use of PRP in hair […]

Does LLLT stop hair loss

Question:Does LLLT stop hair loss or does it actually work to regrow hair loss? Answer:Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is used to try and help prevent hair loss, try and help promote hair growth and to promote wound healing as well as quicker hair growth with less shock loss following hair transplantation procedures. We do know […]

Can LLLT be performed after hair transplants

Question:Is it true that low-level laser therapy or LLLT can be performed after hair transplants to promote growth and help the survival of the grafts? Answer:We offer low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) to all our patients. We feel it does increase the blood circulation to the scalp. Increasing the blood circulation to the scalp may […]

Shock loss after hair transplantation

Question:How common is it for women to experience shock loss after hair transplantation? Answer:Shock loss is seen on occasion in both men and women. It tends to be a little more common in females than males. The reason the shock loss is more common in women is that in most cases females have more hair […]

Woman with a very pronounced widow’s pea

Question:I am woman with a very pronounced widow’s peak with the sides of my head and temple areas located very high up. I would like to fill these areas with hair. How is this best done? Answer:A hair restoration procedure done in a female with receding corners and temple areas would be done in the […]

What complications do you see most often

Question:What complications do you see most often with your hair transplant procedures and how do you treat them? Answer:There are very few complications associated with hair transplantation procedures. This is even more true now than in years past. The few complications we do see following a hair restoration procedure I would consider more of a […]

I have a vast scar from a previous hair transplantation

Question:I have a vast scar from a previous hair transplantation surgery and I am wondering how this can be repaired. Answer:There is the possibly of scar revisions following hair transplantation surgery depending upon the width and thickness of the scar. That will determine what the physician can do as far as revising the scar and […]

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